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Must Have Wallpaper Designs For Boys’s Bedrooms

For moms who are planning to decorate a children’s room, today the post brings together several tips and ideas on how to decorate a boy’s room with fabulous wallpapers, some simpler and others more elaborate. Let’s check it out!

Simple boys bedroom wallpaper Ideas

For parents who are looking for simple boy’s roomwallpaper  decor ideas, we’ve selected some ideas that you can do easily and inexpensively. Let’s go to them!

1 – Football

Many boys are passionate about soccer, and if your child is on this team, bet on the soccer-themed boys’ room decor. Note that the walls with the football wallpaper and furniture contrast with the colorful objects reminiscent of football. So the environment is clean and light, perfect for relaxing and embellishing with the rest of the house decor if you follow this style. Make pillow covers with images reminiscent of football. If budget allows, place a large green mat on the ground to refer to the field lawn.

Hang pictures with the same theme to the wall. And if the frames are over budget, select images from the internet and take them to a printer. Then just buy a simpler frame and put the print on the wall. If possible, make the selection of images together with your child! After all, the room will be his and he will love to give his opinion.

2 – Super Heroes

For superhero (one or more) themed boy’s room decor, you can just paint add simple one color wallpaper withl a different color and stick a sticker of the hero that your child likes. It doesn’t take much effort, and the decor, despite being simple, is impressive! Black peel off wallpaper is a good background color for the sticker, as long as only one wall wrapped in this shade.

Making pillows with features of heroes that your child likes can also be ideal for decorating a boy’s room. And dads and moms who have more manual skills can paint pictures with symbols that refer to the heroes that the little one likes the most and make a wall with these little pictures. It’s super fun!

3 – Selva

To decorate the room of an adventurous boy, one option is to follow colors wallpaper that refer to the jungle. If the boy shares a room or if there is a bunk bed in it, one idea is to make a rustic wooden ladder with ropes to characterize the environment – ​​with patience and dedication, you can make your own! For the protection of the upper bed, bet on a wire mesh type grid.

The room’s colors in different shades wallpaper of green and wood accents complete the decor and make the atmosphere more rustic.

4 – Rockets

For the rocket-themed children’s bedroom decor, you can invest in creativity. Just add the amazing printed wallpaper of a rocket and some clouds with the sticky wallpaper. The room will have an air of space and the decoration is simple.

5 – Dinosaurs

For kids who like dinosaurs, take advantage of the theme to perfect your room’s decor. Always prefer wallpaper self adhesive that is easy to put on wall with the print of dinosaurs. This is a simple masculine children’s room decoration, but it will leave your child enchanted.