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Few Small Bathroom Storage Ideas to Keep Your Space Organized

Most of you may be facing shortage of space in your small bathrooms. Often it becomes too difficult to keep your bathroom neat and organized if there is insufficient storage space in the bathroom. By having over-the-toilet storage, you can create the most-useful space in your small-sized bathroom. This can also use your otherwise wasted wall area above the tank.

Installing over-the-toilet storage will be the easiest and also least expensive type of home improvement project for you to do, and as a result, you can reduce clutter and also improve the space.

If you ever visit the website of 10BestRanked then you can find that many such over-the-toilet storage units have been reviewed here. This will give you enough idea about how you too can install in your small bathroom.

Here are a few ideas that can easily be implemented in any size bathroom of your home.

  • Over-the-toilet cabinet

In most of the bathrooms, the walls over your toilet remain unused. So why not place a cabinet in that space to store some of your toiletry items neatly stacked. Your bathroom will no more look cluttered and unorganized with this simple addition.

  • Medicine cabinet with mirror 

If you have ever lived in a home having a larger bathroom may feel very inconvenient to use a bathroom without any mirror. You may consider using a storage cabinet fitted with a mirror and hang in your bathroom. Not only will it create an additional space to store items, but also you will get a mirror. 

  • Floating shelves

You can also prefer to install a floating shelf just above your toilet and if that does not impress you then you can also consider installing it under the bathroom sink. If you have a little artistic mind and love to put all your stuff on display, then go for an open type of floating shelf rack.

  • Shower recess

If your bathroom has no tub and uses only a shower then most likely there will be a shortage of storage space too. In any standard shower, you can have a few coveted corner spots and each of which may fit 1 or 2 average-sized shampoo bottles or any other hair products that you want to store. 

  • Under-the-sink drawers

By having a few drawers you can save plenty of space that is because they can work for you. Whether you prefer your free-standing small bathroom with a shelf and drawers or you may prefer a vanity along with the drawers under-the-sink, you will enjoy enough space to arrange your entire bathroom essentials.

  • Wire rack shelves

Wire racks are available that are either with coated metal stands or stainless steel shelves. Also, they are quite portable. This would mean that you can rearrange all your bathrooms if you notice that your own idea does not offer you as much free space as you hoped.

  • Door racks and hooks

Many modern bathrooms also have storage space to keep washcloths, bath hand towels, and many more.