Engineered Hardwood VS Laminate: The Better Choice For The Home

The engineered hardwood comprises partly wood floors and man-made materials. It has layers of both hardwood and plywood. These floorings are easy to maintain and offer longevity, which makes it suitable for using it at home. Engineered hardwood has a life expectancy of thirty years or more.

What is laminate flooring?

In the 70s, laminate flooring was the pioneer of authentic wood-looking flooring. 

Laminate flooring is a cost-efficient alternative to natural wood. It offers durable flooring with a highly authentic image that imitates the wood planks. This flooring is low-maintenance, easy to clean, durable, and scratch-resistant to surface. Laminate flooring has a life expectancy of ten to twenty years on average.

Comparison of Engineered hardwood VS laminate

  • Appearance

Laminate flooring offers a variety of prints flooring, whereas the Harwood is naturally beautiful. Hence the engineered hardwood is better in appearance.

  • Cost

Among all alternatives to the wood looking flooring, laminate is the most cost-efficient and offers the best quality at an affordable price. Hence, laminate flooring is better as per this metric.

  • Re-Sale

The engineering hardwood enhances the value of the home. Even though spending on high-quality laminate flooring may also increase the property value, the engineering hardwood is the winner here.

  • Durability

Laminate is durable as it is scratch-resistant, but engineered hardwood is more vulnerable to wear and tear. Hence laminate flooring is better for using at home.

  • Moisture Resistant

Laminate and engineered hardwood both consist of water-repellant materials and hence they are water-resistant. Both are on the same page on this point.

  • Maintenance

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain. The material of hardwood attracts more dirt, whereas the laminate flooring is easy to clean just by wiping. Hence, in terms of maintenance, laminate flooring is better.

  • DIY-Friendly

Laminate installing is DIY friendly and allows users to customize their flooring at home. It is easy to install without any use of any glue or nailing. Hence, it is friendlier to use at home.


In this engineered hardwood VS laminate flooring fiasco, the winner depends on the user. Both engineered hardwood and laminate flooring are strong built, less costly, and durable than other natural wood floorings. Both these floorings give a beautiful look, but the engineered hardwood flooring is naturally beautiful. Hence, if you are choosing the flooring for the home or updating your home, the engineered hardwood is more preferable to laminate flooring.