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3 Tips for Keeping Your AC in Top Condition

As the summer months progress, you want your house to stay cool enough that you can comfortably live in it but not so cool that you spend your entire budget on air conditioning. The following tips help you to use your AC system as efficiently as possible this season.

Perform Regular Maintenance on Your System

There’s nothing worse than having your AC break down in the middle of August. To avoid this disaster, have your system serviced by a professional at the end of winter. If the technician recommends an extra service, make sure to pay for it, as it will probably save you money in the long run. Ask him or her to check if you need new Donaldson compressed air filters so that particulates do not build up in your pipes and ruin them.

Ration Your System’s Use

Try using your AC as little as possible rather than leaving it on full blast for the entire summer. See how far into spring you can go without turning it on, and during the summer, try to turn it off at night or during thunderstorms, when the temperature usually drops. If you have a medical condition that worsens in the heat, then of course you should turn on your AC. However, if not, save money, resources and your AC’s long-term performance capabilities by delaying its use.

Take Care of Your Outdoor Unit

Most single-family homes store part of their AC systems outside. Generally, the compressor and condenser coil are housed in a large metal box attached to your house. Just because this machine is outside, does not mean you can ignore it; leaves and sticks fall into it and slow its performance down. Don’t forget to keep the area around the unit clean, and don’t let any trees or belongings block the top of the unit where air enters. When you have a professional perform your yearly maintenance, ask if you should remove debris more than once a year and, if so, how you can safely do so.

Your AC’s performance is crucial to your enjoyment of the summer. To keep yourself from sweating through weeks-long repairs, schedule a maintenance appointment today for the end of the season. As you make it through the hot months, control your urge to run the AC all day and night, and don’t forget to check that your outdoor unit is clean and functional.