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Why You Need the Best Organic Mattresses

Organic mattresses are increasingly becoming a real option for those of us who want to turn our home into a healthier home.

Spend about 7-9 hours a night sleeping, it’s more 2,500 hours per year than you spend in your bed. Your physical, mental and emotional performance is directly related to the quality of this time and a large part of that quality depends on the surface on which you are sleeping: your mattress.

Unfortunately, your mattress may be full of chemicals that alter your hormones, can cause insomnia, can destroy your muscles and joints, etc. With the organic mattress you can have the best deals here. The finest choices are there.

What does an Organic mattress do

Currently, there are some options for organic mattresses on the market: 100% natural latex, memory foam based on plants and improved internal springs, organic bamboo or mattresses with 100% natural cotton.

There are several differences between the types of Organic mattresses according to their cost, longevity and price. We will examine these factors, their tissues and other materials used to get you a healthy bed. The use for the non-toxic mattress happens to be quite a thing there.

Organic spring mattresses

However, these beds are not biodegradable (by the docks) and cannot be compressed for shipment. In addition, Organic spring mattress options can be difficult to find. One of its advantages is breathability.

Flax, hemp or coconut fiber, are some of the materials that form a natural mattress, and that provide great benefits for health and sleep quality.

Do you sleep on a natural mattress?

If we are going to spend about 23 years of our life sleeping, it is important that it be in an environment of natural, healthy and free of toxic agents.

How To Get A Healthier Environment

If you are a person with a high chemical sensitivity, with allergy problems or atopic skin, it is important that you take extreme measures. Free yourself from the allergens and chemical agents that live around you. The first thing to do is to attack your bedroom, and eliminate all kinds of chemicals that can affect your health and sleep quality. Experts recommend that the bed, mattress, pillow and bedding have been manufactured with natural and organic products. Chemicals can cause allergies, skin irritation and serious respiratory problems. Allergens and mites nest in our bed affecting our health, and worsening the quality of sleep.

Natural mattresses fight these allergens better for their hypoallergenic properties, and they are also respectful of the planet.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is obtained from the sap extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis tree or rubber tree. This tree is found in the Amazon region, and through an incision there is extracted this sap that will become latex.