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Why Removing Textured Ceiling Is the Best Decision for Your Home Improvement?

Textured ceilings are chunky and gather huge space. Initially, these were used for hiding imperfections and noise issues. However, today these have fallen out of style due to the above issue. These are hard to clean, repair, maintain and look ugly.

Reasons That Necessitate Removing Textured Ceiling

There are numerous reasons for Removing textured ceiling. One of the prime reasons is the damage due to water. Once water percolates inside the ceiling, the pieces start to fall off. This is because replicating the original pattern is extremely tough and costly.

You need to remove these, cover or get them textured to gain the best results. Hence, opting for Painted popcorn ceiling removal may become necessary as it is one of the most affordable alternatives for the purpose.

Professional Painted Popcorn Ceiling Removal

There are two basic types of textured ceilings –

Manually Applied Ceilings 

Although you may hire the best Painted popcorn ceiling removal specialist, you may not have the best outcomes. As a result, you may end up paying more for average outcomes.

In case of manually applied ceilings, a compound of plaster is applied using trowels or brushes. Each surface has unique design and construction. Ideally, the process was undertaken by a single person for a single room.

This means that by applying the texture to the ceiling, the professional can skim a coat of drywall mud or compound. This is then skimmed with a coat of paint.

Textured Ceiling Removal

Here a machine pumps the textured material on to the surface to create a popcorn ceiling. One of the major reasons to remove these ceilings is that these are difficult to clean or repaint.

A professional service provider may also opt to apply drywall compound to the ceiling and then use the same to tape joints. This is then finished with paint. If you have the right budget, you can scrape them off to get the new and improved look.

Sprayed textures do not work well with the ceiling and the best idea is to remove these by soaking and then scraping these off. A professional may apply skim coat before moving for painting.

Also, you can look for the newer versions of home improvement instead of repairing these after a few intervals. Hence, removing textured ceiling can be a good idea.

Further, like the manually applied textures, one can add a thin layer of drywall over the existing surface. Then the same can be taped at the joints and fresh paint be put over the wall.

So, depending on the spray textures, these may often contain white asbestos and fibers. Hence, professional removal services are needed for effective management of the same.

These professionals work on the spray textures and remove them using professional and technical methods. They may also seal the room to save you from debris.

Ideally, they carry their own material to deliver the best results, yet it is recommended to purchase a few plastic sheets for the best results.