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Why L-shaped modular kitchen is Popular?

It is said that the family’s mood depends on the spirit of the person who has cooked the food that person was happy while cooking food, then the family will be pleased if the cook was frustrated, then the whole family will be frustrated. We never want the latter, so what do we do to keep the cook in the family happy? The mood of the person much ends upon the area he/she is. Like if you are on a beach or hill station, then you are happy, but if you are in a sad place, you’ll be unhappy. Now you understand the impact of the surrounding area on your mood, right? Hence, it’s essential to have a good kitchen in the house; it makes the house look good and encourages you to cook. So, what about an L-shaped modular kitchen?

In big and populated cities like Mumbai, most of the houses are small, so the people always need to adjust the items to make their homes look spacious. Still, the space needs of the kitchen can not be decreased, or where will you cook or put your utensils and food items that are a basic need? So how can you make your kitchen look spacious AND also keep space for the necessary things?

You can build an L-shaped modular kitchen in Mumbai, which will give your house a modern look. The L-shaped kitchens are specially designed for small apartments and houses. If you have two walls for the kitchen, then you can have an l-shaped kitchen. These kitchens have table tops on two different sides, so the sink and cooktop table can also remain separate.

Here are some pros and cons of having an L-shaped modular kitchen design:


  1. It doesn’t take much space, so even if you don’t have a separate room for the kitchen then also you can build this l-shaped layout, and the counter itself can be considered as space for cooking and washing utensils.
  2. It leaves space for different rooms in the house and doesn’t make you feel congested.
  3.  It is an efficient and innovative use of corners in the house that are generally neglected hence decreasing space.
  4. It can be built in small and medium-sized houses and apartments.


  1. More than one cook can not cook simultaneously, so it is not suitable for a house with many cooks or large homes.
  2. The handling of cabinets and drawers is not easy at the corner side because both sides’ drawers can not be opened simultaneously, creating a moving problem.  If the cabinets or drawers collide with each other at the corner, then the paint can come out, or if it is made of plywood, then small bits of plywood can break.

The price of an L-shaped modular kitchen can vary based on your kitchen’s size type material you use for making it. Overall installing an l-shaped design for your kitchen can be very useful and time and cost-saving, but you have to take care of little things.