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Which Color Should You Paint Your Room? How To Get the Right Shade

A fresh coat of paint may make a world of difference in how you perceive a room. Over time, color fades, creating a lackluster appearance. Styles also change, leaving spaces to feel outdated. Homeowners can pick a new color to brighten or shift the room’s tone. Before calling out specialists in an interior painting Louisville, spend time considering the perfect hue. Once that is decided, the experts can flawlessly apply it.

Look at Images or Model Homes

For those that aren’t as visual, it helps to see various colors on walls. Experience this in several ways. First, hop online and look through samples of rooms. This browsing provides ample opportunity to see what you love and what you hate.

Model homes are another try and true way to see shades up close and personal. Explore several of them in your local area. These walkthroughs showcase current styles too.

Test Shades

Once you have a concept, work with it by going to the store and picking up some samples. Put a bit of each color on the wall. If you’re changing several rooms, you may want to look for a color palette so tones complement each other.

Consider Emotions

What is the goal for this spot? Paint may impact how you feel during the day. Strong, bold hues such as reds are powerful and confident. They inspire and energize. Blues and greens reflect nature, providing a soothing calm effect. Yellows are bright and cheerful. Be sure what you like fits with your overall goal for the space.

Give a room a makeover with a coat of paint. Just be sure to take your time in creating your new vision. Be aware of trends and your own tastes by checking out different options. This overhaul should fit in with your personality, style and interests.