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When should I replace my concrete driveway

Concrete driveways have a lifespan for about 30 years, however, a couple of factors can drastically reduce that length. Extreme weather conditions, cracks, potholes, and wear and tear are notorious culprits of any damaged concrete driveway. Also, increased foot and big vehicular traffic can damage a driveway. A damaged driveway will reduce curb appeal and lower retail value. However, a damaged concrete driveway can either be replaced or repaired. How then do you know the damaged is beyond repair and requires something much more like replacement? The following are signs that it is time to replace your concrete driveway.

1. Deep cracks

Cracks and concrete can never be separated unless you pay utmost attention to maintaining your concrete driveway. Superficial cracks are however not a problem as those can be easily fixed. However, deeper cracks that go beyond the surface and uncovers the materials below are a sign that your driveway is folding up. To prevent such problems, repair cracks immediately they occur. But if the cracks are deep, then it’s probably time to replace. A repair in such situation may affect the quality of usage.

2. Sunken concrete

Certain factors can cause your driveway to sink, but the most prevailing are shifting and sinking earth. Your driveway will suffer such heavy sinking if the land below it begins to shift and skink. In this case, you need to get past the driveway to fix the problem. But simply repairing the driveway may not fix the cracks, as those cracks might gone deep and far. The best solution after fixing the shifting land is to replace your driveway.

3. Faded color

Concrete driveways can be finished with amazing colors of choice, thereby, improving its aesthetics appeal. However, the color is likely to fade due to old age and harsh weather conditions. Faded color doesn’t require replacement as a simple refinishing can solve this small problem.

4. Missing chunks

You go on to your driveway and find a big missing chunk? That’s a big sign that your concrete driveway needs replacing. Missing chunks will expose the underlying materials, further damaging the driveway. Replace immediately or find a quick solution that’ll keep your driveway healthy until you want to replace.

5. Excessive repairs

While executing a repair on your concrete driveway every once in a while is not a bad thing, it becomes a thing of concern when repairs become more frequent. If you find your repairing your driveway more often, then it’s time to have a new one.