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What happens during a restaurant fire suppression inspection?

Before and after a fire suppression systems installation, a professional will usually conduct an inspection at a restaurant. This is a primary requirement for the restaurant that needs to pass all the safety codes. The inspection has to be thorough and reliable, not only for the safety codes but for the safety of the staff and customers as well.

A lot of restaurant owners don’t really know what happens during a restaurant fire suppression inspection. Some, for the most part, don’t really care as they only want to pass. Whether you’re an owner, manager, or even not a member of the staff, you should know how an inspection is conducted.

The components of your system will be tested

Everything that can affect the effectiveness of the fire suppression system will be tested. The appliance, duct, and plenum nozzles as well as the nozzle blow-off caps will be tested. The inspector will also test whether the detectors and link line work.

After the initial tests are finished, the accessibility of the control components will be checked. How long does it take to get to them? Are there any objects that could get in the way in case of a fire? The remote pull station functionality will be inspected to guarantee that it will trigger.

All electrical interlocks need to pass the tests. They’re essential for any fire suppression systems installation. If they do not work, the system will fall apart and a restaurant can be at a risk of being completely unprotected during a fire. The inspector will also look at the tightness of the piping, the test dates for all cylinders and the regulator, and the condition of both non-pressurized and pressurized tanks.

All of the findings will be recorded

After the inspection, the technician will record all of their findings. They will also answer related questions such as whether or not the restaurant’s fire suppression system was able to pass the acceptance test. There will be a new properly marked service tag as well.

A reputable inspector will not conduct repairs during or after the inspection. Be very wary of an inspector that provides repairs, replacement, and installation of fire suppression systems. At most, they should only refer you to a contractor that will provide these services but never offer these themself.

You should always get your fire suppression system inspected

Even if your restaurant is not required to have a fire suppression system installed, it’s a safety precaution to have it done. In that notion, having it inspected will also keep the restaurant, its staff, and its customers safer compared to not knowing whether or not the system will trigger in case of a fire.

Make sure that you contact only the most reputable fire suppression system inspectors so you are guaranteed that their findings will keep you safe. Read their notes and find out which components of the system need to be repaired or replaced so you can do those immediately.

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