What are the Reasons Behind the Inspection of Condos Before Closing?

Many of the condo buyers think that the condo inspection (ตรวจ รับ คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) is a redundant task. They assume that a collection of owners assumes that the entire building is not taken into consideration, and only the part being inspected is the paint and furniture. However, it was later found out after surveying millions of condo owners that the condo inspection procedure is simply a prudent method to check the actual financial trouble with an unsellable property.

What are the things that the inspector checks?

A condo inspector inspects the entire outlook of the building. He evaluates all the conditions which have an impact in the living condition within the unit. The main objective of the inspection is to protect any buyer from the foreseeable problem.

  • Electrical Work

A condo inspection checks in the same as the regular home inspection procedure. All the electrical components are checked for functionality, which includes the wiring, switch, outlets, and hook-ups of the appliances. The heating systems of the condo are quite different from the detached homes. So they are considered to be the special aspects of designing which the inspector might look for. To be specific, the safety of the condo heating system is checked to make sure no hazards arise when the furniture is placed.

  • Fixtures

The inspector gives special attention to all the fixtures of the unit. In addition to the heating system, the water heaters are known for the central functioning of the home. Any of the appliances which make use of the combustible fuel are given close attention; else, this might come up with devastating consequences.

  • Common Aspects

After the safety issues, the condo inspection people come to check some of the simple aspects of units. This includes checking that the door and windows open and close properly. Many times, after weeks of getting possession, it is found that either the door does not stick or opens appropriately.

The number of condominiums is increasing in number. However, when it comes to checking the quality of materials and workmanship, it is seen to be declining. Hence, it is the job of the condo inspector to make sure that any such issues are prevented. They even have a check on all the exterior spaces of the condos, which includes the roof area, top floor, deck area section, and stairs. Also, the plumbing supply would be well verified and checked.