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What are the Different Types of Commercial Doors?

The garage doors, both commercial, as well as residential garage doors, perform more than just for passageways. They protect the belonging which is kept in the garage, allow light and air into the garage, and used for many other purposes by the garage owners in the case of the residential garage as well as manufacturers and business persons in the case of commercial garage doors. The commercial garage doors come in various types of shapes, size, and are made from different materials based on the intended use of the materials. Some of the popular and most used commercial garage door types are roll-up doors, overhead doors, fire rated doors, and scissor gates. These four types of commercial garage doors have their own unique functions and different benefits. However, one common aspect implies both the residential garage doors as well as commercial garage doors is the issue of maintenance. If you find damages and the need for either residential or commercial garage door repair, you should never wait further, rather immediately take appropriate steps for the required repair or replacement.

The overhead commercial garage doors are one of the most popular types which are lifted through a rail or track until they stay horizontal with the ceiling. The overhead commercial garage doors are operated both manually as well as through motor with remote control. You get overhead commercial garage doors made from different materials such as glasses, aluminium, wood and metal. Usual, these doors are comprised of sections of long slats that are held together by the hinges which further allows them to roll-up and down flexibly.

The roll-up doors, as the name says, roll-up into a coil as the door is lifted. The slats used in the roll-up doors are normally much thinner in comparison to the slats used in overhead garage doors. The roll-up doors are generally used in larger warehouses because of the flexibilities of using them.

The fire-rated commercial garage doors are somewhat similar to roll-up doors and are rolled up or down either manually or through motorized equipment. The basic difference between the roll-up doors and fire-rated doorsis that the fire-rated doors provides more protection than the roll-up doors. The scissor gates operate through a completely different manner than the rest three types of commercial garage doors. The scissor gates move from left to right or right to left exactly like the sliding door and give the appearance of a normal door when locked. The scissor doors are considered highly protective and perfectly secured doors as they are normally made out of high-quality impenetrable steel.