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What are the Different Parts of a Wood Fence?

Wooden fences are available in a number of styles. When you combine the numerous materials available with the various patterns and treatments, the possibilities are practically unlimited. However, regardless of the precise style of a fence you install, all wood fences have the same essential parts. Understanding the components of a wood fence is an excellent place to start when choosing your own. When you understand the terminology, it is much easier to make sense of all the possibilities. So, here’s a quick rundown of what a wood fence is made of. There are several materials, design, and style options available for fence supplies hayward ca. You’ll be able to talk about all of them with the confidence of a pro after this introduction. You can visit drilling-it to learn more.

Fences Posts 

The most important parts of a wood fence are the posts. The posts serve as anchors for the rest of the wood fence. Typically, fence posts are composed of 4/4 or 6/6 lumber. (It’s worth mentioning that 4/4 timber isn’t actually four inches by four inches.) 444 lumber is normally around 3.5” square, despite its designation. The same goes for the rest of your fence’s dimensions. So, before you start designing, make sure you have the exact dimensions of your fencing components. The height of the fence posts is determined by the finished fence height. The posts may be flush with the top of the fence in some circumstances.

Backer Rails

Backer rails, also known as fence rails or fence stringers, stretch from post to post horizontally. They are the fence components to which the pickets are attached and are fastened to the posts. Depending on the fence height and style, each set of posts may have two or three backer rails. Backer rails are commonly constructed from 2x lumber (1-1/2” thick). Because the backer rails stretch from post to post, the length is determined by the distance between the posts. The majority of posts are spaced 6′ to 8′ apart.


Pickets, sometimes known as slats or boards, are nailed or screwed to the backer rails. They are the most apparent component of the fence project since they form the body of the fence. Pickets come in a variety of top styles, including dog ear, flat top, and french top. Pickets are available in a variety of thicknesses, with 5/8” being the most prevalent. Premium pickets are 1” thick, whereas 12” thick pickets are more cost-effective. The widths are usually 3-1/2” or 5-1/2” wide, while the heights are usually 42” or 72”. Picket sizes are frequently labelled in nominal dimensions (for example, a 1×4 could be 5/8″ x 3-1/2″), so double-check the real specifications before purchasing.

Fence Installation by a Professional

You may choose the design and materials for your fence now that you understand the components of a wood fence. Your fence installation North Austin TX expert can assist you in selecting the appropriate materials for each piece of your fence in order to match your design and budget.