Types of carpets for kids

Which material is best for kids’ bedrooms?

Natural fibers look and feel really great, but any sort of stain can be extremely costly. We recommend synthetic as they are durable, affordable, and often stain-resistant too.

Specifically, polypropylene is our recommended carpet because its extreme durability makes it family-friendly. It’s bleach-cleanable and stain-resistant which generates little static, making it perfect for young children. In addition, it’s one of the most affordable carpet materials.

Recommended polypropylene carpet

Twisting Twist Pile Carpet

  • Combines elegance for the busy modern home
  • Long lasting
  • Has durability with a cozy feeling underfoot
  • Bleach cleanable
  • 5-year wear-warranty


There are two broad options in carpet colors, light or dark.

Light carpets:


  • Makes rooms feel bigger
  • Muted tones create a minimalist decor
  • Bright colors energizes the room


  • Damages easier than dark carpets
  • Shows dirt more readily

Dark carpets


  • Can make rooms feel cozier
  • Better at hiding dirt
  • Stain-resistant


  • Rooms with less natural light seems too dark
  • Dog hair will show up more

Which color is the best for kids’ bedrooms?

Eventually, color is more about personal taste than practicality. Darker colors tend to hide stains, but can make the room look drab.

Choose a Synthetic Carpet like Nylon

Buying a carpet is difficult, but you can narrow down your choices significantly.

Synthetic carpets are durable and stain resistant which makes them a really great choice for families having kids or pets.

Nylon carpets are very sturdy because the synthetic fibers hold their shape, especially in comparison to other materials such as the loop style Berber carpet Nylon may be a bit higher in cost than other fibers: however it offers a longer lasting color.

Polyester is a Good Choice

Although nylon wins in durability, polyester carpets are definitely the best stain-resistant option for families.  A carpet made from polyester fabric is stain resistant as its fibers are hydrophobic which means that they repeal liquids.

You will be able to wipe up wet spills on this carpet more easily than on other types. Polyester is a great choice for busy families who want the inviting feel of carpet without sacrificing the quality.

Protect Your Carpet

Choosing the right type of carpet for your home is a key factor. When you choose one that is compatible with your family needs then you would need to protect it. The professional carpet cleaning every six to twelve months increases the life and durability of the carpets. The carpets and rugs approval for its hot water extraction and cleaning system is trusted by the nation’s top and finest carpet manufacturers, delivering a deep clean that will maintain the appearance plus performance of your carpets for years of use. Companies also provide a carpet protectant that helps repel stains or any damage.