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Top 5 Reasons To Comply With Emergency Exit Regulations


There is no place in the world which is 100% threat-free. The safety lies in the users’ hands and that is why, the designers of the premises need to have emergency exit solutions in their building plan. The emergency exit regulations are mainly laid down to ensure that no premise turns out to be death trap for the visitors or inmates. Apart from the safety of the premise, here are five most important reasons why the locking system should comply with the emergency exit regulations.

  1. Making commercial or multi-occupancy dwelling units safe: When a lot of people and goods are at one place, such premise calls for added security. if any mishap occurs in such area, the lack of safety becomes a legal matter and the owners may even be fined heavily or jailed for negligence. This is because putting a monumental size of property and life of large number of people at risk is not something that can be pardoned. Restoring the loss becomes impossible in such cases and that is why, it is necessary to have adequate emergency exit regulations at the place.
  2. To eliminate potential threats: Emergency exit should be allowed to open only when there is dire necessity. People using the emergency gates as unapproved entry or exit points actually compromise with the security of the place. To avoid these situations, one can install the security cameras and integrate them with the emergency exits. Thus, to make the space more secure and also to eliminate all causes of threats, the emergency exit regulations need to be complied with. These regulations need to be complied to ensure that the exit points are being used only for intended purpose. The audit check should be done regularly to ensure this.
  3. To secure the place from intruders: Emergency exits may be the vulnerable points of the space where these are installed. One can secure these exits more effectively with the help of intruder alarm integration, CCTV monitoring and so on. Intruders are big threat and cause huge losses. Thus, use of emergency exit regulations to deal with these threats is certainly a wise idea. Visit here to get the best advice on emergency exit regulations which are best prepared against the intruders.

The main purpose of intruder alarm integration is to ensure that the place’s protection is ensured jointly by the police patrol unit of the area as well as the safety managers of the space. Emergency exit regulations do lay down the rules to give direction to the building planners on how to secure the place from intruders. Thus, these should never be tampered with.

  1. Management of fire outbreak: Fire outbreak is one of the most dreadful situations any space faces. The emergency exit regulations entail that the way to leave the building should be fast to locate, easy to use and sturdy enough to shield the building from the intruders with bad ulterior motives. Property worth billions is gutted in fire if the emergency exit regulations are not in place. Thus, to ensure the safety and also to avoid losses, one should comply with emergency exit regulations. 
  2. To keep the space updated in terms of security: Once installed, any emergency exit is not the final word. One has to keep updating the systems in order to stay at par with the growing technology and also with the smartness of the intruders. So, more updated the system is, the better is it suited for the safe storages and secure living.

To make the emergency exit regulations effective, it is necessary to audit the system from time to time. The security audit can recognize the faulty systems and also those systems which need upgradation of any kind.