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Tips to Help You Prevent Roofing Problems

One of the greatest accomplishments in life is to have a roof that’s safe. But taking care of your roofing is not a one-time thing. Roofs can be maintained and last for a long period of time when homeowners, contractors, and roofers are vigilant. Learn how to spot the signs your roof needs attention and get tips on preventing roof leaks before they start.

Plan for Professional Inspections

Routine roof inspections are the best way to avoid roofing problems like leaks and damage. The location of the roof can make it difficult for homeowners to check the exterior. They may be able to climb up the roof, but they lack the trained eye of professionals to see hairline cracks or ridges on the tar.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Storms, depending on where you reside, can cause your roof to wear out faster over time. Schedule routine maintenance along with inspections. When you schedule your annual inspection, be sure to ask the professional to allow time for minor repairs if needed. An inspection can reveal storm damage which an insurance company may cover. Consult your roofing specialist before starting any work.

Remove Gutters

If not maintained, gutters and downspouts are a serious problem. Water can back up in gutters and cause damage to roofing materials. This pooling can separate the roofing materials from the house. It can also create a soft area underneath the roof where water seeps into the house and causes more damage. To prevent roof damage or leaks, keep gutters and downspouts clear of debris.

Replace damaged Shingles

Replace shingles immediately if they are damaged due to a backed-up water problem, wind damage, or any other issue. Roof problems can be exacerbated by missing or damaged shingles. Water damage can also occur from within the roof structure. Now that your home is exposed to the weather, it’s only a question of time before water seeps into your home. Mold can form before water damage is detected, which can be very dangerous. A routine inspection can help you identify damaged or missing shingles.

Seal Flashing

Flashing is required to reseal any part of the roof that has been opened up for construction or maintenance. It is important that the flashing has a tight seal so that air, water, and other substances cannot enter your home. Flashing that is not installed correctly or has become loose can cause several problems. Flashing can move in the wind and allow air and moisture into your home. Animals will also be attracted to loose flashing as they seek shelter inside during the winter months. It’s easy to see how loose flashing could be a sign of welcome for four-legged animals that are not supposed to be in your home. If you notice that the flashing is loose, contact a professional to secure it.

Protect from Popping

Professionals know that shingles blistering can be a warning. Blistering is not a big deal as long as the granules don’t come off. If the blisters start to pop and the granules fall off, you are at risk of losing granules. Granules can make your roof more sensitive to heat and reduce its lifespan. By addressing any ventilation problems in crawl spaces or attics, homeowners can protect their roofs against sun heat and blistering.

Be Careful With Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are more difficult to maintain than steep-sloped roofs and have a shorter life expectancy. Flat roofs need to be well maintained to stay in good condition. Many homeowners ask, “How do I protect my roof?” They may not know that the roof isn’t really flat. Roofs all have a slight slope. It is true, however, that “flat” roofing systems are more susceptible than other roofs to water pooling and clogged drains.

You can prevent costly damages by learning how to quickly find a roof leak. As with all roofs, begin by performing a routine inspection. Clean gutters, downspouts, and the roof on a regular basis. Professionals can seal your roof to prevent further damage or moisture. Keep an eye out for cracks in your roof between inspections. Seal them to prevent leaks.

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