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Tips for Decorating Your Living Room

With these simple tips, decorating your living room for your entire family and guests to enjoy doesn’t have to feel like an intimidating task.

Assess Your Space

Consider how much space you have available to work with. Instead of buying something that doesn’t fit and having to return it, you can save time and money by measuring the room before you start decorating. Without proper measurements, it will be difficult to select the correct size furnishings, rugs, and decorations. If your windows don’t provide an ample amount of natural sunlight, you may want to install cozy lamps, a dimmer switch, and other lighting accessories Bedford Park IL to control the lighting of the room.

Create a Vision Board

Make a list and gather images of everything you plan on buying for your living room. You can use the images to create a small vision board and make sure everything matches well together. This is a great exercise that allows you to make changes easily and fine-tune the look you are going for.  

Shop For Furniture

Set a budget when you are ready to start shopping for new furniture and décor. Furniture can become expensive. To help with finances, you can choose to spread your purchases out over time instead of buying everything at once. Start with the essential large pieces of furniture like a sofa and area rug. Take your time shopping around for a comfortable sofa that will fit your space and aesthetic. You can then fill in the space with additional pillows, chairs, end tables, and other wall decorations.

Furnish and Decorate

Make sure to focus on comfort as you fill the room. Some sofas and chairs look very nice but are not that comfortable. Have fun with your decorations and add your own personal touch to the room. Use plants to fill out corners or empty wall space. Adding plants and other greenery is a great way to add some life, color, and texture to your room. Plants can even help freshen up a room by acting as a natural air purifier.

Make the most of your space by following these simple living room decoration tips.