Tips for Conquering the Clutter in Your Garage

Are you able to use your garage for its intended purpose without shifting things around? Is it easy to find something inside when you want it? If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, the tips below are for you.

However, before we get into the how-to let us take a look at why your garage is cluttered. It all starts with your love for things and their potential future use. Apart from the passion for ownership, the build-up of stuff occurs because of habitual disorganization. Combine these two, and you’ll end up with a garage-turned-storage space. Now, if you have a garage full of important things, why would you want to clear it, right? One indispensable reason is that your car is safer in a clean garage instead of the driveway. Another reason is to prevent accidents. Now that this is out of the way, let’s get on with the decluttering part.

Classify your stuff

Decluttering your garage is absolutely impossible without classifying the stuff inside. Separating the items you still want to keep from the stuff you want to donate, sell, and throw away is necessary. It is important to note that these four classifications are common. You can customize the classification depending on your need. If having too many classifications is just delaying the decluttering to never, simplifying the process becomes essential. A simplified version is comprised of items you will throw away and those you won’t. If you haven’t used the items in the last year or two, you should not keep them anymore. Anything that’s not in good condition gets tossed to the bin too, for safety reasons.

Get rid of clutter

If you assess that your cleanup project will amount to truckloads of trash, it is essential to look into the proper way of disposal. Some waste disposal methods will require you to coordinate with a company offering dumpster rental in Delray Beach as soon as you start the decluttering project. This is because you’ll save money, time, and space by moving items you no longer need from your garage straight to the dumpster, instead of letting them pile up under the sun.

Clean up your space

Even if you frequent your garage, spiderwebs, dust, and grime will accumulate on your walls. Your garage door will also show the effects of wear and tear while your flooring will show visible grease and oil stains. Using your trusty vacuum first and then a good scrubbing after will go a long way. A mixture of your preferred detergent and soap should wash off those stains. Having a hose to rinse the area and epoxy paste to fill in apparent cracks will come in handy. Make sure you let the surface dry for the best results.

Cleaning your garage is a daunting task. To better manage this chore with consistency, it helps to simplify your cleaning process. If not, the clutter in your garage will distract you from the fantastic things that you are meant to do.