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Tips for Choosing Pole Barn Contractors


The popularity of pole barns has been on the rise in recent years. These structures used to be considered suitable only for agricultural and some niche commercial uses. Now, it’s common to see pole barn houses, garages, and even offices.

While the post-frame construction methods used to build pole barns are more straightforward than traditional stick-frame building, it’s still important to find a qualified contractor to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Property owners can read on to find some tips for how to choose the right Pole Barn Contractors for their upcoming building installations.

Look for a Specialist

Experience matters when it comes to pole barn building, so it’s best to work with a specialist. Even the most qualified stick-frame contractors won’t know what it takes to erect the perfect pole barn.

Arguably an even more important qualification is the company’s experience erecting pole barns for similar uses. When in doubt, ask how many pole barns the company has built in the past year. If it’s less than three, look elsewhere for help.

Ask About Building Materials

Like traditional structures, pole barns can be made from different materials. Industry-leading pole barn builders won’t ever skimp on material costs, which means their bids might be slightly higher than a lower-quality competitor. High-quality lumber and other materials are the keys to building a pole barn that lasts for years, so it’s worth paying more to work with a company that sources everything from reputable vendors.

Get References

Most experienced pole barn companies will be able to provide prospective clients with references from previous customers. If the company refuses to provide references, that can be viewed as a red flag. Every property owner should request references, then follow up on them.

When speaking to previous customers, try to get an idea of how well the structure and the building process met their expectations. Ask if the contractors followed the established timeline for project completion, make sure they were respectful, and inquire about the contractors’ communication strategies. It can also help to drive by a few of the company’s completed buildings.

Get a Warranty

The materials used to construct pole barns are usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranties no matter who puts them up, as long as the builder is a licensed contractor. However, not all pole barn companies offer workmanship warranties. It’s best to work with one that does because the willingness to stand behind their work is an indication that the company trusts its workers to do a great job.

Availability of Options

Pole barns are incredibly versatile buildings. They can be used to construct everything from agricultural outbuildings to comfortable, modern homes. Once property owners know what they plan to do with their pole barns, they should ask about the features and options are available to make sure the building can be customized to suit their needs.

Final Thoughts

Professionally constructed pole barns are durable, beautiful, and long-lasting. They’re also remarkably versatile. To take advantage of all these benefits, property owners need to find the right contractors. Follow the advice above to make sure the pole barn installation goes smoothly and the structure will last for decades to come.