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Three Tips to Lower Your Cooling Bills For Your Home

One of the important factors of responsible home ownership includes paying utility bills on time. During the hot months, children tend to be off from school, leaving the air conditioner to run for much of the day. As a result, your energy bill skyrockets. Assuming that your A/C system is working properly, here are a few tips to help lower the cost to keep your home cool.

Smart Thermostats

Most home HVAC systems are controlled by a thermostat. Some models can be programmed according to a regular schedule, but smart thermostats can help you experience some savings. These devices offer complete control over your systems, providing the opportunity to create complex schedules that work for you and the rest of your household. These smart thermostats can turn your system on and off based on detecting home activity.

Keeping Rooms Cool

Windows offer a natural source of light into a home. Unfortunately, they can also introduce a lot of heat, especially during the day time. Some windows allow air to leak from your home which makes your system work harder to cool the home. The right window treatment can help lower your bills by reducing the heat gain and blocking direct sunlight. South- and west-facing windows tend to be most responsible for interior heat. Talk to a provider of custom window treatments Chicago IL to explore your options.

Roof Modifications

Heat rises, so having a cooler roof can result in cost savings. Consider the use of ridge vents to improve the airflow between your roof and the rooms directly below. These vents work by drawing cooler air inside while providing a way for hotter air to escape. Reflective roof shingles help break up heat accumulation in your attic by reflecting sunlight instead of absorbing it.

Staying cool in the warmer months is a must. You shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to keep a cool head. Invest in some minor improvements from pros to help lower your energy bills