Things to Keep in Mind While Considering Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis is a wonderful and exciting game. All the fun depends on how good your tennis court situation is as tennis courts have different types of surfaces. And every kind of surface needs care to increase its longevity. This is why people consider tennis court resurfacing to look continually good and maintain your playing effectiveness.

Tennis court resurfacing is primarily performed to renovate the cracked tennis courts, which are already ageing. It aims to increase the courts’ usefulness and adds to the aesthetics of your tennis courts. While resurfacing, many people also look to make a court for pickleball on the tennis court, which adds to the tennis courts’ usage.

So here are some things which should be kept in mind when you are considering tennis court resurfacing:

  • Tennis court resurfacing comes in the cases when the repair work is complete for the court. And before beginning the resurfacing process, the contractor should fix all the brewing problems so that they don’t run back to the surface after resurfacing.
  • People get confused about how to resurface a tennis court when they begin with the procedure, so before resurfacing make sure the whole court is extensively cleaned with no weeds, debris and dirt left on the surface. The entire court should be adequately cleaned from the cracks before filling them back.
  • If you own a private court, then it would need resurfacing every 7-8 years, and public tennis courts need resurfacing much sooner, that is almost every 3-4 years. And in most cases, there are huge cracks in the courts, so before considering resurfacing, contact a tennis court contractor who can first fill up those cracks.
  • For resurfacing, you can choose fresh materials for the covering part and in case you choose to retain the original surface. In this case, you can leave this to the contractor, who can install a decent covering with acrylic paint to protect it for the long run.

How much to resurface a tennis court

Tennis court resurfacing can cost from $4,000 to $6,000, which will include both the repairing and resurfacing and colouring of the court. It is also recommended that you should not do the resurfacing of the tennis courts yourself as it requires deep knowledge and special tools and equipment to complete the whole process in the most efficient way.