The Pros and cons of carpet tiles

Carpet squares, Modular Rugs or carpet tiles – all of these words are synonyms to each other. Carpet tiles were introduced in the early twentieth century, and they become a popular trend for years. Then they lost their attraction for being classy and dull without variations. The tiles came back after a while with the help of dying technology and techniques, and we found them accessible everywhere now.

Modular carpets are famous these days in the commercial environment. Many multi-national companies and renowned names of technology like Google use these types of tiles in their business environment. They are fun, durable and innovative, and you may avail them at a very reasonable price. These qualities are causing its fame these days. Everything how perfect t is come with its weak points or in other words cons. So if you are looking for the pros and cons of carpet tiles here they are:

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  • AffordableThe tiles give creations and fulfill your life with fun and energy; now you might be thinking about its price too high. But surprisingly it is not – the price is affordable as compared to other types of tiles available in the market. Moreover, you can save lots by saving service charges of installation, and install it yourself.
  • Innovative and colorful: Carpet tilesare durable, creative and fun types of tiles. You may choose any combo of tiles and install it in your room. The style can be fun or innovative – it can also be artistic or formal. Design it according to your mood choice and need. For example if you are designing kids play round go for something with bright colors and arrange them in funky styles or add some flairs. Kids will love it, and the room might give them a positive energy.
  • Installment with ease: Usually, you have to call people to install the tiles at your room. It is time taking project, which might take time like days or extended hours. But Carpet tilesare so easy to install, that you can do it yourself in just one afternoon or few hours. Carpet tiles are a great example of a DIY project – visit YouTube, and you will easily find the installation ways and get started.
  • Carpet Tiles are durableCarpet tilesare available in many types and styles; all of them are durable and long-lasting. The loop style often affirms the durability of carpet tiles. Select carpet tiles with cushion backing; it ensures the durability of tiles.
  • Resilient to waterCarpet tilesare water-resistant to rain as compared to wall to wall carpet. They are an excellent choice in the areas which are more prone to moisture and water.
  • Low maintenance and easy replacement:Carpet tiles will last for long runs. You can simply vacuum to clean it daily. Many types of carpet tiles are made up of low piles which are easy to clean, and they may trap less dust and debris. Also you may opt-out for color combinations and styles which might work as camouflages for dirt. Not only this, if you find a stain on the tiles which cannot be removed then just remove that particular tile and change it replace it with a new one. The characteristic allows it to stay longer than wall to wall carpet.


  • Not all floors are made for carpet tiles. Sometimes no matter what style or type of tiles you may select it will not go along with the interiors of the place. Or maybe tiles do not meet all the requirements of the area. So don’t force these tiles at the place where they will look odd. Wood flooring or vinyl flooring could be one of its alternative options.
  • Appropriate installation is crucial for carpet tiles installation. There is no doubt that carpet tiles are easily installed. But doing it yourself without any prior experience or taking the installation for granted can lead toward the disaster -which is awkward finishing of floor installment.
  • Carpet tiles also present a different type of aesthetic look which can be a good change for many people. Still, too many people will reject the idea.