The Difference Between Conventional And Electric Doors

Electric doors are throughout used the industries and in market places, because they offer a good view, advanced technology and wide range of benefits. The electric door opens automatically creates a good impression on guests and customers. It makes them feel welcomed. Conventional doors are the type of door that is used in most homes. It requires some space to open, can even block walkways, and could damage the wall also.

An Electric door (ประตู รั้ว ไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai) provides more convenience than conventional doors. Electric doors provide the ability to create more space making it the best option for the location with less space. Conventional doors block some space and their base is too close to the floor that the cleaning process also gets difficult.

An Electric door comes with better security options. Security personnel or anyone can easily control the door remotely. It allows access to the selected traffic and closes it according to the needs and situation. Conventional doors don’t offer this feature. You need a lock with a key to lock the conventional door temporarily or permanently. Electric doors provide better-controlling facilities, increasing security.

Nowadays customers prefer electric doors in hospitals, airports, shopping complexes, and hotels. Not everywhere you will see electric doors, some small locations and offices still use conventional doors according to their needs and it is okay. Electric doors provide more convenience.

An Electric door offers easy installations whereas in the installation of conventional doors there’s a lot of sounds made, one needs to take care of the measurements as well. Electric doors have a little maintenance and they also save energy. It only opens when necessary avoiding unnecessary cooling and heating costs. One doesn’t need to worry about energy conservation or cost management while using the electric door.

Electric doors provide different variants in different colors, sizes, and designs. Conventional doors on the other hand offer the same patterns involve complex designs on good quality wood which is highly costly and involves a lot of time.

Electric doors are perfect doors for a disabled person. The ones with any sort of disability find it difficult to open and close a conventional door. Automatic door but provides safe and open automatically providing more convenience regardless of anyone’s age and ability. These are some fundamental differences between a conventional and an electric door.