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Steam Showers: How They Work And Benefits

Installing a steam shower in your home can seem a bit indulgent; however, it can be good for your health. A steam shower works well in relaxing your mind and body and allows your body to excrete metabolic wastes, thus, improving your circulation. Moreover, a steam shower is good for the skin and makes breathing easier.

How a Steam Shower Works

Steam showers are simple enclosures that look like a stall. The cubicle is sealed in a way that moisture cannot leave the shower. Once you are in the steam shower, you only have to press on the shower’s control panel, which will activate the generator heating water to boiling. The boiling water produces steam directed through the shower system and is dispersed through the steam head, thus filling the cubicle with luxurious steam. Some steam showers have digital controls to activate the shower, adjust the timing to spend in the shower, and regulate the temperature.

A steam shower works immediately after you activate it; therefore, you will not have to wait for the steam to flow. The steam has no risk of burns or other hazards, and the steam baths are usually easy on water bills.

Benefits Of A Steam Shower

Clears Congestion

Steam helps to loosen mucus and phlegm. If you have a blocked nose, you will blow it better and clear the congestion. Additionally, a steam shower can come in handy when one has an allergy, cough, or cold. Instead of using a bowl to steam your children, which may cause scalding, you could install a steam shower and enjoy its benefits.

Improves Skin Health

Steaming your body will help open up your pores and cleanse the skin. It can also loosen the build-up of dirt and debris, thus improving your skin’s appearance.

Lowering Blood Pressure

When steaming, your blood vessels can dilate or enlarge. These processes help move blood closer to the skin, which may lower your blood pressure. In turn, the body raises your heart rate.

Improving Circulation

When your blood vessels become dilated after steaming, they move blood closer to the skin surface, which can help your circulation.

Recovery After Workout

Working out causes the muscles to become sore. Steaming your body introduces moist heat, which helps to relieve pain and reduce muscle damage. A steam room may offer some relief as it increases blood flow to your muscles. Steam showers shift the blood from the core into the muscles. When more blood gets to the muscles, it may help get rid of waste products produced by the body during a workout which may cause muscle damage.

Relieves Stiff Joints

Since heat increases blood flow, steaming your body may help loosen the joints and relieve stiffness. This is similar to a warm-up before exercise. When the blood vessels dilate, more blood, nutrients, and oxygen go to any injured site.

Steam rooms are commonly used after exercise or to relax, recover or improve blood circulation in spas. The befits of a steam room are numerous, including clearing congestion, improving skin health, reducing blood pressure, among others. If you want to enjoy these benefits, you can build your own steam room in the bathroom where you can enjoy the benefits as a family.