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Providing Complimentary Healthy Lunches to Employees from a Catering Service


The catering services from Select Catering increasingly are in demand by organizations wanting to provide nutritious, tasty lunches each day to their staff members. The organization pays a fee to the catering company and decides how to handle the monetary aspect among employees. Generally, the meals are stocked in refrigerated vending machines in a lunchroom. There might be a set number of different meals each day, or employees might have the opportunity to place orders.

A Nutritious Lunch

With many corporations and other organizations taking an increasing interest in the health of their workers, providing access to nutrient-dense meals at lunchtime is appealing. They want the employees to stop running out for fast food or to eat junk food for lunch from vending machines in the building. Those who typically bring their own food may rely on sandwiches made from low-fibre bread and processed lunch meat. There might be some commercially produced sweet snacks as well. Often, no vegetables, fruit or whole grains are included.

Examples of Programs

Organizations manage this in different ways. Some offer complimentary lunch as a company benefit. They might provide free meals five days a week or less often. Some organizations can only afford one day a week, but even that will be appreciated. Employees could be provided with credit that they use to pay for the food with an app. If the company cannot afford full credit for free food, the lunches could be provided at a discount for affordability. Another possibility is to offer complimentary lunch as a reward, prize or bonus. This could be done frequently to encourage healthy eating behaviour.

Boosting Morale

All of these strategies will also boost employee morale. That, in turn, tends to increase motivation and productivity. When workers feel appreciated, they are less likely to look for another place to work. Any decrease in turnover saves a company money. When managers and company owners consider whether complimentary lunches are cost-effective, that is an aspect they should carefully consider. A study published in USA Today found that providing free meals can dramatically boost worker satisfaction rate with the employer.

With this program, the company also may have an edge when it comes to attracting new talent and skill. When all things are relatively equal between two jobs that a candidate is considering, the benefit of complimentary lunches from an outstanding catering service could make the difference. This benefit not only will help the person save money on food but also indicates that this company cares more about its employees.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Organizations providing this food also want to help their employees embrace a healthier lifestyle in general. Diets with an abundance of plant foods and whole grains can have significant positive effects on general health. The lunches could include lean meats like chicken and turkey without the skin, along with oily fish known for heart-healthy benefits. Salmon, tuna and mackerel are examples. Ideally, the workers will be inspired to eat better food at home and elsewhere too. They may begin feeling more energetic and enjoy a greater all-around sense of well-being.