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Nomenclature of blinds, roller shades and curtains

Although they may look similar, these three features are slightly different from another. Apartment window shades beverly hills ca are usually made out of paper or very soft light fabric. Blinds on the other hand are made out of wood, metal or vinyl making the latter heavier. One common rule between them is that they’re attached to the window. Curtains are a class apart as they’re attached to a rod that is placed above the window. The cloth is suspended from above and they fall down in pleats.

The beauty of window blinds

Window blinds have a more rustic feel to them. They are both beautiful and purposeful. There are different kinds of blinds like Venetian, cellular, Roman, bamboo and roll up.

  1. The Venetian blinds look more institutional. They are made of horizontal plates that fall one below the other. Upon opening, the plates tilt, allowing light to enter. This type of blind originated in Italy, thus contributing to the name.
  2. Cellular blinds are a cross between the Venetian and the good old roller shades.
  3. Roman blinds are purely made out of fabric that is drawn into pleats.

Blinds can be either placed inside or outside the window, depending on your preference.

  1. Motorized blinds

The motorized blinds are the most popular ones. The automatic feature gives it an aristocratic touch. These blinds are operated through a remote control. You can choose to either open, close or tilt the blinds to your liking. This is also perfect in spaces with children because they’re chord/wireless which can pose as a safety hazard.

  1. Custom blinds

There are some fantastic stores out there like Galaxy design and Store Urbain blinds that provide customers with a wide range of blinds like honeycomb, wood and pvc.

Their companies are also affiliated with skilled artisans for the best kind of fabric needed in home appliances. You can choose the colour and type of fabric of your preference.

  1. Vertical blinds: The lines across the blinds are vertical rather than horizontal. They are usually made for doors and fit to size.
  2. Fauxwood blinds: These are horizontal slats made out of wood. They can be tilted accordingly, depending on the amount of illumination required.
  3. Wooden blinds: These are basically blinds made out of wood.
  4. Roller blinds: In this type, the cloth is neatly rolled at the top around a tube and when opened, cascades down like a neat piece of fabric.