Home Improvement

Must-Have Upgrades for Your Mountain Cabin Getaway

If you have a cabin in the mountains, you are already pretty lucky. However, why not make it the best it can be? Take the time to optimize your property for maximum enjoyment of your surroundings with these simple upgrades.

Elevated Deck

What better way to enjoy the picturesque mountain views than a large deck space? You may not have thought a deck was possible if your mountain home is on a slope, but elevated deck pedestal and paver systems can now make your patio dreams a reality. Be sure to include plenty of seating and areas for hanging out. A fire pit or outdoor kitchen is always a hit, and a few fairy lights strung up here and there can make the nights seem magical.

Big Windows

When you can’t be outside enjoying the fresh mountain air, you should bring the outdoors in. A cabin in the wilderness should be all about the views, so a wall of windows far out competes even the best art you could hang. Consider installing double-pane, insulated windows so that your heating and cooling costs don’t go up. For privacy, some windows can tint or frost at the push of a button and some can act as a one way mirror.

Heated Floors

If your cabin is in the mountains that means that at least the winter months will be cold. One way that modern technology can make your getaway cozier is to heat the floors. Heated flooring is a form of radiant heating, which can heat up your home faster and more efficiently, and usually for less money. Heated paneling is compatible with just about any type of floor, from carpet to hardwood.

It doesn’t take much to turn a mountain cabin into a paradise. All you need to do is embrace your surroundings and prioritize comfort. Even just one of these improvements will be sure to wow your guests.