Making the Best Coffee For You Now

The moka is made of aluminum and its shape has changed very little from the years of its creation until today. Despite maintaining the format similar to the original, the coffee maker innovated in its technology to produce coffee and even won colored versions.

From 1933 until the 1940s, the production of the coffee maker was by hand and was successful in the local market. After that, with a bit of publicity, the moka gained space in the way of producing coffee in Italy, and was super important in the country’s history. With the best 12 cup coffee maker now you will find the best choices in every way for the proper coffeemaking now.

Original commercial for the Moka Express Coffee Maker

  • Not infrequently, people also call this method by the inventor’s last name and Bialetti coffeemakers today are synonymous with the best quality coffee.
  • Here, it was not adopted as much at home as abroad, but the coffee maker is the most accepted method in comparison to others, such as the French press, for example.

Does the coffee maker prepare espresso or not?

Espresso (from the caffè espresso) is a method of preparing coffee by passing hot water under high pressure through ground coffee. Traditional espresso coffee, in an industrial machine, is made under the pressure of nine hundred to one thousand kilopascals (nine to ten atmospheres or bars), which explains the express term that here has the meaning of expressing or squeezing.

  • However, the coffee maker is a super effective way to make delicious coffee close to the espresso at home and at a lower price. However, if you want a 100% “real” espresso, only in coffee shops or buying a professional machine.

How to prepare your coffee in the coffee maker

Frequent Mistakes and Points of Attention

Even so, there are some frequent mistakes in the way of using it, points out the barista, who currently works with coffee in Japan. According to her, it is customary to let the coffee boil in the coffee maker and use inappropriate powder grinding.

  • The correct thing is a medium to coarse grind, because the fine powder prevents the passage of water
  • Add a few drops of cold water to the top to prevent the coffee from becoming bitter.
  • Pay attention when the water is rising: when it starts to rise, it’s time to remove the coffee maker from the fire.

The Bialetti Coffee Makers

Considered by many to be the best coffee maker in the world , Bialetti coffeemakers make coffee as tasty as possible! Despite its price a little high (from 176 reais), it is worth betting on the brand.