Is it safe to run an air conditioner without an air filter?

You might have thought about running an air conditioner without a filter at least once. You shouldn’t do this mistake again as it can damage the unit entirely. The filter is responsible for removing the particulate from the air coming inside your room. Moreover, it also works for preventing the dust to get accumulated on air conditioner fins and further clogging the drain. We are discussing some potential problems that you may face when not using an air filter.

  • Condensate drain issues

A condensate drain causes the condensation of drains. If a filter is not there, it will not be able to do its job appropriately. It will start accumulating on tubing and start dripping into a pan. If not working the way it has to be, it causes clogging resulting in water damage to the AC unit.

  • Problems with Freon tube

An air conditioner is designed for pulling in air and take it across the copper tubes also known as Freon. Though, these tubes are constantly wet because of the condensation from the air. If the filters are not there, the air crossing the fins will result in the accumulation of debris. Therefore, you will start facing insufficient cooling.

  • Air quality gets hamper

Another in the list is compromising with the air quality and it happens because you are not using air filters. There will be very little chance of settling the dust and debris. The continuous cycle starts pumping back out in air vents causing the unit to clog.

The conclusion

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