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Introducing Classical Décor at Home

Sustainability is on the rise and so is a beautiful, classical, home décor. Why not combine the two? It goes without saying that classical, timeless features in the home travel a long way and investing your money in long lasting pieces is worth every penny. It’s time to create beautiful focal points in your home, they make fantastic conversation starters at any dinner party, not to mention a beautiful environment to live amongst. Consider doing your research on reputable online home décor fashion labels such as Buster & Punch to spark your creative flare.

Timeless Pieces

There are some general rules to follow when selecting timeless pieces for your home:

  • Create a focal point – Your timeless, classical décor should never be without a focal point
  • Symmetry – Our eyes are drawn into symmetry, tying this into your home is classical and elegant
  • Classical fabrics and patterns – Timeless style is introduced when you choose classic fabrics and patterns, you want to stay away from geometrics and animal prints
  • Stay away from fast trends – Trends never last more than a few years, classical décor is never based around trends so do your research and keep away
  • Ensure quality – With quality, brings longevity
  • Hide away technology and wires – Technology certainly deters from the classical décor style in your home. If possible, hide your televisions behind tapestry or make sure you don’t have your television centre to the room

Furniture Longevity

Classical furniture pieces travel well. You’ll never tyre from a beautiful, elegant, quality piece of furniture as it simply does not age. Additionally, classical décor is customisable. You can create bespoke pieces, selected, and made for you only as a way of showing your character and personal style throughout your home. Never underestimate the longevity of classical, bespoke pieces. You’ll certainly thank yourself later when your home hasn’t aged a day whilst the fast-paced trends are evolving around you.

Feature Lighting

There is something so beautiful and classical about feature lighting in your home. If you’re lucky enough to live in a home that has the added benefit of ceiling height you can really experiment here. Consider opting for a picturesque chandelier to create a stunning focal point to your living space. You don’t have to follow the glamourous path when choosing your cascade lighting, the options are endless and there is something out there to suit your personal taste.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch

Cabinet Hardware

If you already own timeless pieces of furniture but you feel like they would benefit from some upcycling, you can consider changing the hardware. There are some stunning solutions to bringing life back to classical pieces and this is one of them. You wouldn’t believe how much this simple tweak can add some zest to your pieces without needing to replace them entirely. Consider antique brass or smoked bronze to achieve the classical style you’re looking for in your home.