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Installing vinyl floor for your next home renovation project

Vinyl floor is not something new that you must have come across. It’s something that possibly every house owner can pledge by, and its demand keeps on growing year after year. Due to its high resistance and resilient nature, and affordable rate, it seems to hail the flooring chart, not letting any other kind of flooring material take its number-one position.

For sure these come with so much benefit that it cannot be something that any homeowner can easily dismiss. Along with its cost-effective nature, it is also resistant to water and stain. It is highly compatible and versatile. Plus, durability and easy application method, easily set in with DIY’s too, it an attractive flooring material for everyone around the world. The average price for vinyl plank flooring installation again depends on per square feet which could cost around $2-$7. The cost again could depend on the material and style that you pick. All in all, you can still notice how moderately priced, it tends to be, alongside being hardwearing. You could get professionals to get the installation done or do it yourself too.

Amongst the world of flooring, vinyl is one of the fastest-growing categories. Let us get to know more about it.

Kinds of Vinyl flooring

Sheet flooring:

There are two kinds; the first one is the sheet flooring. Here as you can denote from the name itself, sheets are laid down as per the required measurements. It can get installed quickly and is also water-resistant.

Tile flooring:

The other one is tile flooring where tiles are used as per again the inches and measurements. These two are quite cost-effective and one that’s usually opted by house owners. It does replicate the look of the ceramic tile floor.


If you want to get the flooring done successfully, you need to ensure you know well what is beneath. The surface for the tile needs to be quite smooth. The reason being, in case there is any kind of imperfection or ruggedness found, bumps will start to appear. It will have an uneven look.

If you already have an existing vinyl flooring, then it is usually recommended to opt for just a single layer to get installed. Ensure that you pick the right pattern and design so that it gets aptly matched with the décor and model of your house.