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How to Maximise the Space of Small Outdoor Areas

Outdoor living can really make a difference to your levels of enjoyment and fun in life. Think of the smell of coffee over a newspaper on a patio, or long wines with friends under the brightly shining moon on a decking. Getting back to nature, even in small ways, can make all the difference to your happiness. But what if you don’t have very much room for your outdoor living space? How can you make the most of it? All you need are some clever ideas that you can keep front of mind when you head to your favourite outdoor furniture stores. Not all outdoor furniture in Melbourne will suit a smaller space outside, but once you know what to look for, you’ll be set to create a mini outdoor oasis for yourself and your friends. Here are some top tips for making the most of a small outdoor space. 

H2: Consider Your Space 

Walk out into your outdoor space and visualise different kinds of furniture. How do you want the space to flow? You’ll need to leave enough room around the furniture for people to get around it easily. Will your space be accommodating many guests, or just yourself? This will impact the amount of seating you will need. Bench seating is good for many, while a comfy chair or hammock might be better for one. Look in lifestyle magazines to get inspiration and then imagine whether those ideas would work for your space. 

H2: Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture in Melbourne

The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing items at outdoor furniture stores is scale. Your outdoor furniture in Melbourne will need to not only fit into your small outdoor space, but also allow for traffic movement around it. Furniture should provide a sense of relaxation and contemplation, not squishiness or congestion. Also consider the kinds of materials you choose when shopping at outdoor furniture stores. Some materials will last well in the great outdoors while others will need to be underneath a cover to avoid fading or rotting.

H2: Look for Ways to Decorate 

Small outdoor spaces can get an upgrade through simple actions like laying fake grass or decorative paving. Hanging plants are a space saving way of adding colour and lush greenery to your outdoor area.  Outdoor string lights can also be hung from a pergola, above a doorway or from a roof to add some magical fairy dust to your garden parties. Meanwhile, chair pads and cushions can turn hard wooden seating into comfy chairs to lounge on. If you don’t want to do to the effort of paving or grass, outdoor rugs can add visual interest, texture and style to your outdoor space. 

H2: Conclusion

When you know the tricks of the trade when it comes to small outdoor living areas, you can know how to make the most of them. Keeping in mind the dimensions of your outdoor space when you shop at outdoor furniture stores is half the battle. Intentional decorating is just as important as your purchase of outdoor furniture in Melbourne, allowing you to create the most relaxing spaces for your recreation time.