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How to maintain wool carpet for a long time at home

Wool carpets are the best option for people who tend to have a luxurious and a cosy feel to the home. They are easily available in a number of warm tones that goes with every kind of flooring and colour theme. They are great if someone want to lower down the tone of the house or if someone want to give more texture to the house.

The best thing about them which makes them more popular is that they are often natural. And hence these are much easier to clean. More synthetic ones are also available which are difficult to maintain as they are much more difficult to clean. Visit here for more.

Here are some of the easiest ways to get the luxurious wool carpets cleaned. These carpets require a little bit more attention. Nevertheless, these carpets are easy in a way that they tend to repel the dust getting rested inside of them. However, it is not the same case in the synthetic ones. The synthetics do not have the tendency to do so. However, after time to time it is often better that they are cleaned by some professional carpet cleaner. This activity must not be done so often because it might make them lose their original look. 

Here are some of the ways to get the luxurious wool carpet cleaned like a professional at home and to give it a whole new look. 


It is the easiest and the simplest method to clean the households. It work on all textures without getting them ruined or making them look old. Vacuuming the wool carpet for two times a week is perfect as during this period it will allow the dirt to at least develop. Cleaning it every day will make the wool carpet look ole and less fluffy. 


Don’t we all hate when someone drops a drink or some food item on the wool carpet. It is the most annoying thing especially when the carpet is of a very light colour. The best way to let the drink leave the stain is to put something to on the drink stain to allow the stain to be removed. The best thing to use is to use an old t-shirt. The t-shirt is a perfect material to clean many objects. However, the way of cleaning is very important. The T-shirt must only be used to blot on the carpet and not rub it. The rubbing motion will allow the stain to spread and make it permanent. Just dap the T-shirt and pat it dry. This is also a good reason not to throw away old T-shorts. 

Chemical method of removing stains

Some stains like the stain of the wine or a soft drink might become impossible to remove. They need something else to be removed. One teaspoon of dish washing liquid in a cup of luke-warm water is a good way to remove such tough stains. This requires to blot the cloth multiple times until the stain is removed.