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How To Keep Your Chimney Healthy In Your Home

You may not give your chimney a lot of thought, but ignoring it isn’t safe either. Like any other part of your home, chimneys need regularly scheduled maintenance to work properly. Here are several ways to keep your chimney healthy and in good working order.

Schedule a Cleaning

If you don’t remember the last time your chimney was cleaned or you’ve never had it done, you’re overdue. Chimneys should be cleaned at least each spring to get rid of creosote buildup that puts you at risk for a fire. Your chimney will also be inspected for nests and uninvited guests.

Have Your Chimney Relined

Chimneys have special linings that are made of metal, clay or ceramic that protect the chimney’s walls. Over time, these linings can become cracked or damaged due to extreme heat or old age. If your current lining needs to be repaired, contact a reliable expert in chimney relining Washington DC.

Install a Cap

Have you looked up at your chimney lately? The cap is the tiny roof that sits atop the opening of your chimney preventing rain, leaves and even animals from getting inside and creating a blockage. If your cap has seen better days or is missing altogether, it’s time to install a new one.

Use the Right Kind of Wood

You can also improve the health of your chimney by always burning the right kind of wood while it’s in use. Never use green or damp wood which produces a lot of smoke and very little heat. Instead, use seasoned hardwoods such as maple and oak that will burn hotter and longer.

If you’re looking forward to heating with your fireplace, make sure your chimney is up to the job. Before using it, have it cleaned, relined and install a secure cap to keep it clean and safe.