How To Create Layered Lighting in Your Home

The right lighting in your home can increase the relaxation potential and improve the aesthetics of your space. To achieve a beautifully lit environment, you need to learn how to layer the lighting in your home. With a few different types of lights, the layered look can be achieved with ease. Your home will feel cozy and inviting to all of the guests you invite in.

Task Lighting

When you need to see what’s going on in a space to be able to complete things around your home, you have to have task lighting in Florida. These lights are bright and functional and can be found in the kitchen and bathroom. Desk lamps that shine on a specific area can also be considered task lights. The fixture you choose doesn’t have to be ugly. Many task lights are available that can match your decor extremely well.

Ambient Lighting

Think of the main lighting around your home as ambient lighting. When you turn on the main switch to a room, this is the type of light that flares. It provides enough brilliance for you to walk around a room without bumping into anything. The light spreads wide and evenly and can come from pendant lights, chandeliers and flush mount lights.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas of your home’s architecture and decor. Wall sconces, recess lights and lamps can provide the specific light you are craving. These lights are more decorative than functional and provide a level of lighting that feels luxurious in your space.

Using these three types of lighting in your home can help you achieve the layered effect you want. Each light serves a purpose in the overall lighting scheme, providing you with enough brightness for functionality and enough ambiance for a delightful atmosphere.