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How To Control Pests In My Home

Pests are detrimental insects or animals that invade our homes. Pest invasions occur in habitats where they are not needed; hence causing nuisance and untold damages. Common pests include stink bugs, ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles, fruit flies, rodents and meal moths. While there are some DIY tips to help manage pests in your home, it is always better to seek professional help from a reputable pest control company.

Some of the steps of controlling pests at home include:

  • Remove immovable water; water is one of the survival agents for insects and rodents and so they will always look for areas with water. Any stagnant water in the house and outside should be removed. This is done by keeping the bathrooms and kitchen areas dry to avoid any water from forming stagnant pools. Leaking pipes should also be fixed; they can be in walls, floors and sinks. Leaking pipes lead to indoor flooding which attracts pests.  Also, you should not let water collect under plants and pots. Plants are major food for pests so this will also attracts pests at home. The pet’s water should not be left outside overnight.
  • Identify the pest. Correct identification of the pest makes controlling easier and more effective. Once a mistake is done during the identification of a pest, all efforts and resources invested all go to waste. If you’re not able to identify a pest the best thing to do is to consult an expert. You can identify a pest by observing. .Secondly, the characteristics of a certain pest will also make it easier to identify an effective removal method. For instance, bees and wasps are active and dangerous during the day; but at their vision at night is limited. Thus, these are best removed in darkness. 

  • Always keep your kitchen and all the food containers.                                       

             One major attraction of pests is food. Fruits flies will always be attracted by ripe fruits around the household. Grains which are stored unsealed will always attract mealy moths. Cockroaches and flies eat any left overs that they can find. A clean kitchen gets rid of the household pests.  Some of the ways of keeping the kitchen clean include wiping up any spills with soap and water. If you have a toaster you should regularly unplug it and remove any remains of crumbs. Food should be stored in sealed containers. Ripe fruits should be stored in the refrigerator as well as other long-term items. Additionally, dishes should be washed on a daily basis to prevent formation of food coatings.  

  • Deny edit to your home. Pests regularly enter houses through poorly sealed windows and doors. They know how to additionally make open to the houses through cracks created in the walls. You can erase those point of access by using silicone caulk which seals any cracks and moldings. You can also install screens on doors and windows. You should also ensure that all the cracks and gaps are well sealed to prevent entry.
  • Use of lesser amount of contaminated pesticides.If all the preventive methods fail you should try using less toxic pesticides since they are safer for both the environment and an individual. Dust boric acid is used in cracks and it’s very poisonous to crawling insects such as ants and cockroaches. Insecticidal or fatty-acid soaps normally kill the soft-bodied insects such as fleas and mites. The insecticidal is harmless to both humans and mammals unless it’s taken into the body. You can also try the tamper-resistant bait boxes since they are normally safer than the sprays and pellets used.
  • The use of more turbulent pesticides. These type of pesticides should not be used frequently since it can cause great harm to humans. Before using the pesticide one should read the instructions and understand them perfectly. One thing you should know is that the pesticides named broad spectrum normally kill very many pests. However, those named selective kill one few of the pests that cause distraction. One should always start with pesticides which are less toxic this is done by checking the signal words. Some of the signals used include danger which means the pesticide is very dangerous and also corrosive. Warning always means that the pesticide is less hazardous. Lastly, the caution signal which means less poisonous. To add, outdoor pesticides should never be used for indoor purposes since they are more volatile.

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