How to Choose Bath Towels That Last

We all have faced the lifelong issue of how to buy towels that last longer? Whether you’re searching towels online, or step into a store, you’ll find confused consumers looking at a myriad of towels, in different colours, patterns, quality, and price. Moreover, they all claim to be the best bath towels possible. 

If you’re one of these confused customers, we have a simple solution for you. With the main aim of finding super soft and highly absorbent bath towels, we’re here with a list of four points to help you make your decision faster.

  1. Select The Right Material

The best material for bath towels for your everyday use is cotton. It is super absorbent and also dries quickly. Within that, you have options like Turkish cotton or Egyptian cotton towels, which are thicker and help in absorbing a lot of moisture and trap warmth. You’ll also find rayon towels which are soft and absorbent.

If you’re looking for luxurious towels, then go for Turkish towels or Egyptian cotton bath towels.

  1. Check The Weight

Depending on the purpose of your towel, choose a sheet. The weight of a bath towel is measured grams per square meter (GSM). This number will vary from 300-500. The higher the number, the more super plush and luxurious the towel will be.

A towel with the weight of 300-500 GSM will be thin and light. The best bath towels for daily use will be the ones between 500-700 GSM. 

  1. Check The Production Details

It is also essential to see how the towels are made to check their durability and absorbency.

The combed cotton technique is where the is brushed to remove short threads, leaving the most durable threads behind. 

Ring-spun cotton towels are where the long and short fibres are twisted to create a strong and durable towel set. 

Zero twist technology is a technique which leaves the towel feeling ultra-soft and gives it a much shorter drying period. 

  1. Personal Care

Daily used bath sheets absorb a high amount of dirt and body oils and should be washed frequently for personal hygiene. Before using your towels, wash them once to get rid of colours and also improve their absorbency. Avoid using fabric softeners as it will also leave behind a residue which reduces the absorbency level. 

Before buying towels, you should also consider your personal choices, like colour and patterns. Know what you’re looking for, check the different characteristics of the towel so that you’re not taken for a toss by the shopkeeper. 

To make sure your towels last longer, put in a little time and energy while buying it in the first place and take good care of it once purchased. Shop like a pro for bath towels only at Portico. They offer a wide range of ultra absorbent and plush bath towels.