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How Paint & Sip Events are Getting More Personal

Most people aren’t artisans; yet, many love to craft. Following that logic, it’s no surprise that people are clamoring to startup Paint & Sip party and event businesses all over New Jersey and the US in general. Yet, most of these classes and parties are held in studios. 

These locations are perfect for marketing and capturing attention, but not perfect for personal parties and the comfort of event guests. So, a new, more personal trend is coming within this still-growing industry. 

Traveling Paint & Sip Businesses

Gone are the days where you and your friends, or your children and their friends have to all go into town for an afternoon to craft, drink, and have a good time. Now, the party can come to you! Newer Paint & Sip businesses are mobile, and this is a trend we can get behind (and not just because we are one of them!)

Personal Connection

When you can host a paint and sip party at your home or at a place of your choosing, chances are you’ll be more comfortable. Similarly, choosing to host an event at your home can make a child’s birthday party more “kid-friendly” as the space will be fun and familiar over stark and studio-like. 

Customized Parties

When you think of a traditional paint and sip event, you probably think of a classroom-like setting where the host teaches you how to create a painting of your choice. While you do get to “sip” and chat with friends, the set-up of these rooms are often very industrial. 

When you have a paint and sip party come to you, these rules don’t apply. You and your host can set up the event in any way you’re comfortable with. Painting in one big circle, smaller circles, rows, or wherever makes the painter happy. While the host might still be “teaching,” it doesn’t feel quite like school anymore!

A Trend to Stick Around

As a business that offers mobile Paint & Sip events in New Jersey, we know we have a horse in the game. That said, if our past clients have taught us anything, it’s that this trend is here to stay. In fact, everything from paint parties to marketing is leaning to custom and personal interactions! So, while older paint and sip events might have taken place in an unused art classroom, newer parties can be anywhere your heart desires!