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How Exactly Does A Humidor Work?

If you are new to the world of cigars, then you might have heard of the term humidor and understand it is essential for keeping your cigars somewhat moist but you might not understand how it functions. Most of us must begin somewhere. Perhaps you’re thinking of buying a present for the cigar lover in your life and you wish to learn more about exactly what a humidor is and the way it functions. Well you’ve stumbled across the right article. Let us walk you through this.

The Goal of a Humidor

The humidor does not simply store your cigars but uses a couple of elements to make a perfect atmosphere for the cigars to be kept in. This perfect setting controls the temperature and the relative humidity of the interior of the box which enables the ideal quantity of moisture indoors to help keep your cigars from becoming dried out. In extreme cases, the cigar’s taste will likely be negatively impacted, and nobody wants that! Take a look at this website to see how it’s done. Maintaining your cigars in that sweet place of ideal humidity and temperature is what’s going to help keep your cigars taste optimal. Maintaining that balance of humidity boils down to two elements of your humidor functioning in combination with each other: the material, usually wood, making the box up and the humidifier retained inside.

This wood, such as cedar, is used most frequently due to its own properties to absorb and release moisture gradually, making a much humidity as frequently as possible. When there’s more moisture beyond the wood, then it is going to soak up all the moisture to attempt and attain equilibrium. That is the reason you want to season your own humidor by setting about making the cedar moistened up prior to keeping your cigars, so the cedar begins to pull moisture out of the cigars themselves, which will defeat the intent of a humidor.

Humidifier Machines

The humidifier machine is what actually keeps the humidity and moisture on stage. After a humidor was filled with cigars, it keeps supplying the moisture to the interior of the box, permitting the cigars to remain at the ideal humidity along with the cedar to absorb any excess moisture and then release it back if the humidifier run somewhat low. There are several sorts of humidifier machines on the current market with choices which range from florist foam-based cubes that consume distilled water into more complicated components or beads or gel-based humidifier machines. Whichever version you prefer best, be certain that you follow the directions on when to reload it with more bottled water or other exfoliating agents. All these humidifier machines will also just last for a specific period of time, so make sure you replace them as necessary.

Tracking Your Humidity using a Hygrometer

Another essential element to some humidor is your hygrometer, which calculates the relative humidity within the humidor, letting you track if you have to recharge the humidifier and fix the humidity indoors. Obtaining a hygrometer (either analog or digital) to track this can allow you to observe any changes from the humidity or temperature so that you may adjust accordingly rather than destroy your cigars. Make sure you confirm the hygrometer at least one time each week to be sure that the humidity is remaining at the ideal level.