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Having The Right Storage Solutions Saves Money

Many people fail to realize the importance of high-quality storage solutions until they are forced to. Property owners that have multifamily apartment complexes have learned that installing a great storage solution for the tenants to use not only adds value to the property but also gives the renters a reason to stay instead of moving away to another apartment that provides storage. Believe it or not, storage is a pretty important factor for people that live in apartments. Even to the point of they are willing to move elsewhere to get it.

Apartments Without Storage

It may seem like since people that rent apartments know that they don’t have much space to use anyway so they should make sure that they don’t have so much extra stuff that it becomes an issue. However, it does not always work that way. As time passes by and we collect stuff, there becomes more and more of a need for extra storage space so we don’t have to throw our stuff away.

Seasonal objects such as fishing poles, tents, and holiday trees become useful to us during certain times of the year, then when the objects are no longer useful, they have to be stowed out of the way so that we can go on to using the next seasonal thing. Or whatever.

When apartment complexes do not provide adequate storage the renters have no choice but to either pay more money for an off-site storage place or find some sort of creative way to store their extra things until they intend to use them again.

What happens is that the renters will have a tendency to store their extra belongings in places that are not meant for extra storage. Along the walls of the main hallways, outside on the back balcony, or even in the headspace at the top of their parking spot.

When tenants use areas like this to store their extra stuff, not only is it awful to look at, but it causes problems as well. From being a fire hazard to being the potential home for rodents and other pests along to the part where unattended personal property attracts thieves extra property can cause damage and even threaten the security of the entire complex.

Wire Mesh Storage Fails

In a valiant attempt to give the renters what they want, many property owners install a set of wire mesh storage bins in order to appease the renters and save money. If you take a deeper look into the issues that wire mesh storage bins have to offer it is easy to see that none of the attempted goals of giving the renters what they want and saving money will ever be accomplished. Wire mesh storage is as useless as no storage at all.

Whenever there is a storage solution that allows the general public to see the contents that it has within, it is giving free access to the thieves that are looking for a quick and easy way to steal something. Anybody that knows how to cut wire will be able to easily snap right through the wire mesh and have access to the stuff that is stored within. This leaves the tenant’s valuables vulnerable and unprotected. When renters move to new apartments to get away from the troubles of the old ones, the owners get vacancies and lose money.

Renters Want Storage

Installing secure storage bins or storage boxes for the tenants is a way to save money twofold. For one, if you give the renters a reason to stay where they are, they will stick around and pay their rent on time. If you give them a reason to go, they will leave, or not even bother to pay rent until they can come up with enough money to move. For two, it is a fact that renters are willing to pay more money each month in order to have an on-site storage solution that will keep their stuff safe and secure. By generating an extra stream of revenue because you install storage places in your apartments is a surefire way to not only save money but make money.