Frequently Asked Questions About Lift Maintenance

All lifts, whether they’re found in corporate skyscrapers or residential homes, must be maintained. New lift owners often have a lot of questions, and that’s just fine. Read on to find answers to some of property owners’ most frequently asked questions before calling professional lift maintenance services in Singapore to learn what to expect.

How Often Do Lifts Need to Be Maintained?

In Singapore, residential and commercial lifts are regulated by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). This regulatory organization mandates that all lifts on the island must be maintained each month. The good news is, regular lift maintenance helps to extend the usable lifespan of many components, so property owners will receive practical benefits from sticking to this schedule in addition to avoiding fines for regulatory non-compliance.

Do Property Owners Need to Schedule Each Visit in Advance?

Most property owners opt to set up services in advance. A good lift maintenance company will be able to sign customers up for monthly service schedules. Signing up for recurring maintenance services lets building owners plan in advance for necessary delays or shutdowns and ensures that they never miss an appointment.

What Does a Maintenance Visit Entail?

During a lift maintenance visit, the technician will inspect the condition of moving parts. He or she will apply lubrication as necessary, tighten loose parts, check cable tension, and replace broken components as approved by the building’s owner. Most repair needs that come up during routine maintenance visits can be handled the same day.

Is Maintenance Covered Under the Lift’s Warranty?

Whether maintenance services will be covered under the lift’s warranty depends on what kind of contract is in place. Even if the lift manufacturer covers maintenance visits, they will only be covered for the duration of the warranty period. After that point, property owners will be charged for lift maintenance services.

How Can Lift Users Avoid Breakdowns?

Providing a lift with routine maintenance is the best way to prevent unexpected breakdowns. There are, however, also a few things that users can do during normal operations to minimize the risk of needing repairs. They can make sure the unit does not get overloaded, stop riders from placing objects in front of the doors and check the door tracks regularly to make sure they’re clean and free of debris.

Do Lift Maintenance Companies Also Perform Repairs?

A good lift maintenance company will be able to tackle anything that comes up over the lifespan of a residential or commercial lift. Their services typically include repairs and replacements as well as basic maintenance and inspections. Remember, it’s always best to schedule necessary repairs as soon as possible since this helps to prevent more costly breakdowns.

Can Anyone Perform Lift Maintenance?

Lift maintenance should only be performed by a trained and qualified technician. Lift technicians undergo advanced training to ensure that they can identify all potential problems and provide adequate solutions.

The Bottom Line

Providing ongoing maintenance is a necessary part of having a residential or commercial lift. In many cases, monthly service visits are covered under manufacturers’ warranties. Even if they’re not, though, property owners need to stay on top of scheduling monthly appointments to keep riders safe and protect their investments.