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Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Protection Systems

A large fire can destroy expensive equipment, inventory, supplies or even your entire business. It can also cause injuries to employees, customers and other people in or near your building. Fire protection systems help prevent small fires from turning into large fires.

How Does a Fire Protection System Work?

fire system installation Orange County California works in different ways depending on what type of system it is. Smoke detectors sound an alarm whenever smoke is detected in a building. This alerts the occupants of a building to evacuate and to contact the fire department. Sprinkler systems detect heat. When the temperature rises above a certain level, the sprinkler actives, spraying water on the fire and preventing it from spreading. Automatic fire suppression systems that use clean agents can be deployed to put out fires in areas with special hazards or equipment that may be damaged by water.

What Are the Benefits of Fire Protection Systems?

Fire protection systems can save you money in two main ways. First, when fire protection systems prevent fires from spreading, they reduce the amount of damage done to the property. They also reduce or eliminate the amount of time your business must shut down for safety reasons or repairs. Second, installing a fire protection system may save you money on your insurance premiums. Fire protection systems also make your buildings safer, because people have a better chance to escape a fire without injury.

What Is the Difference Between Active and Passive Fire Protection?

Examples of passive fire protection include fire doors, fire escapes and non-flammable construction materials. Active fire protection refers to systems that react when a fire occurs, such as a smoke alarm or sprinkler system.

Installing fire protection systems is one of the most effective ways for business owners to increase safety and reduce the risk of property damage from fires. Consult with a fire safety specialist for more information.