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Four Reasons You Should Not Try to Clean the Gutters Yourself

Cleaning the cutters might seem a simple undertaking. However, you might change your mind when you are already up there. Although you can save money by doing the cleaning task by yourself, it’s best to hire Zachs gutter cleaning services for your own safety. Apart from falling and sustaining injuries, there are a lot of reasons you should leave this job to the pros. Read on to learn more about these:

Slips and Falls

Ladder climbing demands strength, attention, and focus. You will need to reach over the gutter and scoop out the debris. For a trained expert, this might be easy to do; however, this could be hard when you have not climbed a ladder before. And the situation can be even worse when nobody is there to stabilize the ladder. In fact, even if someone is there with you, the ladder may still shift whenever you reach up into your home’s gutters. Depending on your house, you may need to get onto the roof to reach some gutters. Unfortunately, this can be even more dangerous because shingles tend to be slippery with mold, ice, or rain. Even a single misstep can lead to a slip and fall.  


Gutters direct water away from your house; however, their trenchlike design and walled sides make them attractive for mold to grow and pests to nest. Some animals that could be hiding in your gutters include birds, snakes, squirrels, and possums. Without the proper equipment, there is a chance that you can be bitten by any of these animals or exposed to diseases they carry.


As gutters have a wet nature, mold can find a place to grow and spread. Also, decaying leaf matter has spores. Cleaning the gutters yourself can result in you begin exposed to the harmful effects of spores. Inhaling such spores can lead to adverse health effects like red or itchy eyes, wheezing, and even allergic reactions or asthma. Professional gutter cleaners know how to handle mold growth in your gutters.


If you clean the gutters yourself, you may not use the proper gear and protection, putting yourself at risk for various diseases. Animals that may be living in the gutters leave fecal matter, which harbors bacteria and pathogens that are harmful to your health. Usually, it is not easy to identify this waste and when you clean the gutters, you could inhale bacteria without knowing it.