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Four design ideas for modern and spacious condos

Condo living has been an efficient and trendy method to cope with city lifestyle. The modern designs come with an aesthetic philosophy, especially in meyer mansion 79 meyer road singapore settings that adopt modern architecture. When you move to a new condo, it becomes natural to start hunting for decorating ideasto make each room a personalized and intimate place.

With limited space availability, common finishes and layouts, designing has become an issue when considering a condo. However, there are ways to bring out the best in a condo! The presence of natural light, versatile furniture, monochromatic colour palettes, and sleek lines can be brought together to create a sophisticated and warm atmosphere. Here are some design ideas to spruce up the condo in which you’ll be living.

Select multifunctional furniture to arrange space

Though you need to consider the aesthetic aspect in a condo, you can’t ignore the efficiency of the room layout. You can create a spacious, practical, and elegant room by installing furniture that can be used for multiple purposes, as per your requirements.  Select furniture that adopts harmonious and pure lines, offering modern style statement. Avoid giant furniture piece put up in a hallway that make the space look small, while also it becomes harder for you to move around.

Elegant designs

The interior design should be sophisticatedin a way that it offers you the comforts from home of elite. You need not invest in expensive materials when doing a condo makeover. Focus on bold colors of gray, beige, and brown along with light fixtures that illuminate the whole room.

Blend bright shades with neutral colors

Choose the color palette wisely; for the walls, you can opt for beige, grey, or white shades, while decorative accessories in contrasting shadesto create a redefined space. Play around with light and bright colored combination to make the room livelier.

Window curtains

You can find curtains or drapes in a range of styles and patterns, such as eclectic, elegant, patterned and embroidered. Choosing a dark shaded curtain can block the sunrays, while lightones can embrace the sunlight naturally. You need to ensure that the color of the curtain should complement the furniture and wall color. Lamps, carpets, painting frames, vases and morecan also be used to add a warm look to the rooms.

With people moving to cities, condominiums are popping up everywhere. If you are looking for condo interior ideas, Lipari interior designis here to help you create the perfect luxury room that can take your condos from boring to utterly your own.