Does short-cycling in the air conditioner can cause a big problem?

This is summertime, and no one wants their home air conditioner to mess with them. But, sometimes unwanted visitors like short-cycling create lots of problems. You read it right! Short cycling is a huge deal to concern about and needs to be worked upon quickly. 

Short cycling is a condition when a problem occurs within the system that restricts the functioning of the cooling cycle. In simple words, it is a circumstance when your AC turns on and off every few minutes. This affects it’s working to give a nice cooling effect. Apparently, this also results in an upsurge of electricity bills or many times costly repairs. Hence, it is advisable to call Abacus Air Conditioning & Cooling service providers.

What are the reasons behind it?

There are lots of issues leading to short cycling, and in the end, you have to take air conditioning maintenance. Let’s discuss them here. 

  • Frozen evaporator cells

A compressor is known to be an essential part of AC, which is accountable for pushing refrigerant gas through the system after, gets evaporated in the coil. The compressor also has another duty of keeping the AC work in rhythm so that heat always moves out. The presence of frozen cells causes the compressor to get damaged. 

  • Clogging of the air filter

AC is prone to collecting dirt and debris in the ductwork. Hence, it is required to change the air filter regularly. If not done, then it will restrict the airflow within the system. You must have noticed that your AC shuts down whenever hot air trapped inside it. To start the process again, there is a requirement of a cool air supply. 

  • Seepage of refrigerant

The low refrigerant level is responsible for forcing the air conditioning system to work double. This, in turn, results in the occurrence of short cycling. Hence, you can look out for the signs of a refrigerant leak. You may start experiencing low cooling output, strange sounds, and liquid around the system. 

All such scenarios are indicating you that you can to immediately contact the experts who provide excellent repair and maintenance services. For this, you can visit