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Do You Want to Remove Athlete’s Foot from Your Carpet?

While you are moving into your new home, it is necessary that you must get rid of athlete’s foot from the old carpet by suitably cleaning your carpet.

There is every possibility that spores of such an athlete’s foot of the previous owner may be present within the fibre of the carpet that can easily infect when you are moving into your new home.

By taking help from any professional carpet cleaning company, you can easily get rid of such a problem. As a matter of fact, if the previous occupant had infected skin or spores then its infection may remain on the carpet for many years.

You may not get rid of this kind of infection just by usual mopping and cleaning that most of you may be doing at home all by yourself.

Not only may the carpeted areas but also in bathrooms, swimming pools such kind of athlete’s foot infect the new occupant of the house.

What are the various ways you can get rid of such athlete’s foot problems?

Following are the few methods adopted to get rid of this problem:

  1. Vacuuming

To start with, one can do proper vacuum cleaning of the carpet, which can easily remove dust, bacteria, mould or mildew that was developed over a period of time.

In case, there is any minor infectious virus present in the carpet then it can be removed. Therefore, it is necessary that you must regularly vacuum clean so that your children have ever injured then their viruses can be removed.

  1. Carpet cleaning and disinfecting

In case, you have sufficient space at home then you can try to use a certain non-toxic cleaner which is environment-friendly and try to clean the carpet for disinfecting it.

You will need hot water, white vinegar and steam cleaner which is a quite inexpensive and safe method to clean the carpet.

You can easily get rid of all kind of viruses, moulds and bacteria that are growing in the carpets since long.

It will be much better to contact any professional carpet cleaners who will use industrial-grade cleaners to disinfectants and also get rid of all kinds of infectious elements that are present in your carpet and got embedded into it.