Countertop Creations: 5 Kitchen Countertop Surfaces and Their Traits

Countertops are perhaps an underrated but a very intrinsic part of any kitchen. They are a primary source on top of which the different kitchen practices are carried out e.g. cutting vegetables, sorting dishes, distributing recipes, and almost everything else. Due to their high usability, they play an important role in any kitchen and even contribute to the décor.

Nowadays, a variety of discount cabinets are available at attractive prices which help to further invest in our kitchen countertops. While opting for a kitchen countertop, you should opt for one that is durable, nice to look at and further adds to your cabinets.

Based on their surfaces, here are 5 fundamental types of kitchen countertops:

  1. Marble countertops: Perhaps the most expensive of them all, a marble countertop reflects class, status, and elegance. These have high longevity and are more often opted by the elite who are able to afford it.

Marble countertops, due to their shining white finish, can be a great complement to both, cherry wood kitchen cabinets or white shaker cabinets.

However, these require high maintenance and regular upkeep to prevent food or liquid stains from occurring.

  1. Ceramic countertops: These are the most inexpensive and are available in a large variety. Ceramic is also the most creative, as it can be cut and carved according to your desired size and shape.

If you are looking for ideas, Spanish tiles and Moroccan tiles are effective examples.

However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that ceramic tiles cannot take much weight. You should not put much pressure on them as they can break and there is no replacement.


  1. Quartz countertops: Quartz is basically quartz stone added with polymer resins that increase the durability. This makes them scratch-resistant and stain-proof. And thus, are perfect for a kitchen that has “visits” from the children.

Quartz is available in a variety of designs that will fit your desire in discount cabinets countertops, from vintage white to Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets.

  1. Granite countertops: Opting for these countertops gives your kitchen a more natural feel. Resembling stonework, these countertops are impervious to water and sustain heat. This makes them an effective choice for your cherry wood kitchen cabinets


However, due to its strong material, it requires the help of a professional installer to be cut into a favorable size and fitted. This adds to the cost.

Granite countertops have a high position among pricey countertops but can provide a great look for those who can afford it.


  1. Laminate countertops: These are among the most affordable and the most common countertop designs. Made from pressurized plastic, these can be made to resemble the appearance of more expensive countertop material. The fabricated material makes them a very economical option.

While the laminated nature provides resistance to water, stain, and heat, with time the surface gets dull. It is advised to keep an eye on it and have it maintained, not doing which can damage the material permanently.

Although inexpensive in nature, the price increases with the style opted for. However, the fact that laminates are also made out of recycled materials makes them environmentally sustainable.

Give your kitchen a perfect set of discount cabinets and add to them a countertop that you think suits it best. A subtle kitchen countertop not only increases usability but also adds to the overall kitchen décor.