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Choose the Best for your Wooden Dining Tables

The mass-produced dining tables out of wood differ hugely from the beautifully wood-crafted ones. But whichever it is that you are eyeing for, it is a great investment and brings in with them great benefits for longer times. You also have a good range of options to choose from where grain patterns and wood stains take interesting shapes. Just because this is built by hand, you too have the privilege of customizing it.

Settle for the Best Wood

The choice of wood needs to be taken up very seriously. Only then will the purpose get solved to the maximum. Each piece has a different grain, texture, and durability, and below we have listed down the characteristics of each.

Oak Hardwood

This is a popular solid wood and has prominent natural grains. They are highly resistant to scratches or dings. There are two different types of oak, red oak and quarter-sawn white oak. The former is highly popular and gives a reddish streaky grain to the table. The latter is harder than the red variety and has a swirly grain.

Maple Hardwood

This brown maple is a bit softer wood where lies a combination of browns, greys, and tans throughout its grains. It can be affected by nicks or scratches can get more evident on this. Painting and staining this wood liberate an amazing finish.

Cherry Harwood

The dining tables and sets desire this wood. This has beautiful warmth to it, added with durability. It displays delicate curves where soft and smooth grains are outlined by dark textures. They also have interesting mineral deposits in them.

The choice of woods can be paired with leg designs like:

  • Solid wood legs- This displays a more diminutive style. They provide ease to people sitting on chairs. They can also give extended seating support.
  • Single pedestal- This is a great option where space is a commodity. The tops can be modified as per the room shape and that helps the table look sleeker and antique. The desired height can be achieved with this.
  • Trestle tables- These accommodate large seating arrangements very effortlessly. There are no legs on the way and provide additional spaces to diners. It liberates a much lighter feel to your décor.

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