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Carpet In Your Bathroom: How To Choose It Well?

Long denigrated, the carpet is coming back in force thanks to new innovative materials, which even make it possible to envisage it in a room like a bathroom. Yes, yes, you read that right! A real novelty that will give all its warmth to a room long considered too wet to support a carpet on the ground.

The Pros And Cons Of Carpet

On the one hand, the carpet is a real symbol of comfort, but on the other, this fluffy fabric is a real dust nest. What’s more, in a bathroom, the structure can quickly soak up water, become spongy and rot over time. Unthinkable to consider carpet in the bathroom? And yet there are today avant-garde materials with unique characteristics that even allow the floor to be covered with rooms that are also sensitive to humidity like Unimat.

What Components Are Needed For A Bathroom Carpet?

Because you cannot imagine the same use of a carpet in a bathroom or a bedroom, there are inevitably differences in composition. The choice of carpet, therefore, has many consequences. It all depends on the material used for the carpet and the decision of installation: in general, a different bathroom carpet is made of synthetic material for its rot-proof characteristics. Most often, it is the flocked polyamide, which is chosen with a latex undercoat, which allows the material to resist strong splashes of water and humidity. The fibers of the bathroom carpet can be either short fibers, glued to the support, or else long and fluffy fibers for unmatched comfort. For installation, nothing more complicated than a classic carpet: in the form of strips of carpet to unroll, the fabric is fully glued to the floor. You can also select squares of carpet to stick on to easily remove them in the event of a stain without having to remove everything.