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Beautiful Table Decorations

Setting a beautiful table is an art. Many people don’t bother unless they are hosting a dinner for Thanksgiving or other holidays. It is possible, however, to create a lovely centerpiece year-round. When it’s time to celebrate something special, elements can be added to make your table more festive. With permanent décor, any time of year will look special.


There are many different styles of candles that will look elegant on your dining room table. Tapers create a classy appearance and look chic even when unlit. Crystal candle holders will reflect the brilliance of lit candles across your table. For something less formal, wooden, brass or ceramic candle holders do the trick. A different look to create a warm glow is tri-fold table screens California which enclose votives. Depending on the design of the screen, the candlelight will cast shadows of flowers, vines, animals or geometric designs. It’s important to remember to use unscented candles, so they don’t compete with the aroma of the food.


A silk flower arrangement is an attractive permanent decoration. If you make or purchase one for each season, your look can rotate throughout the year without much effort or cost. Make a note on your calendar every four months that it’s time to swap out the centerpieces.  Cleaning silk flowers is important so that your diners aren’t looking at dusty petals while they eat.

Glass Bowls

Glass bowls are very versatile centerpieces because you can fill them with almost anything to make a colorful showpiece at the center of the table. A pyramid of lemons and lime is lovely in the summer and can then be used later to make a refreshing drink. Other fruits like apples and oranges work well at different times of the year. Glass beads in red and green look festive for Christmas. Potpourri looks nice when the room won’t be used. Because of the scent, it should be replaced with something else before eating in the space.

Centerpieces don’t have to be expensive or fussy. There are many options for choosing a stylish focal point to any table.